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Identify your high potentials

Technical expertise is not the best criteria for selecting your future leader. Consider the following characteristics in weighing your "high potentials."

  1. Willingness to learn from mistakes

  2. Able to build positive relationships

  3. Open to new ideas

  4. Embraces change as opportunity

  5. Holds self accountable for results

  6. Takes initiative

  7. Doesn’t settle with “good enough”

  8. Seems to enjoy learning; acts on feedback

  9. Demonstrates humility

  10. Thinks before acting

Individuals with this set of characterists have a higher likelihood of being successful in leadership roles, provided they are provided support during their leadership transition and are mentored in the right way. Aptitude does not equal performance.

Once you identify the "right" people, invest in them to ensure they are appropriately prepared to be successful in their roles.


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