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Managing partner

Joseph Weitzer, PhD is Managing Partner for Soulful Leadership Consulting Network. He is responsible for the portfolio of consulting services and leads a regional team focused on helping clients develop and execute strategy that supports leaders and drives business innovation and growth.

Dr. Weitzer has more than 35 years of progressive consulting and industry experience leading multifunctional transformation programs for clients. Prior to assuming his current role, Dr. Weitzer provided vision and leadership in developing the Center for Business Performance Solutions. Over his nine year tenure, the organization served more than 2,800 businesses and provided leadership and technical skills training to more than 45,000 employees.

During his career, Dr. Weitzer has served on several Boards and innovation project teams, facilitated organizational strategic planning, provided executive coaching, and developed and delivered the Transformational Leadership Program (currently, The Leadership Academy). In addition to helping clients transform their leaders and improve their processes, Dr. Weitzer has also supported post-merger integration efforts focusing on leadership awareness and culture.

Dr. Weitzer is a frequent speaker on leadership self-awareness, strategy, and talent management at industry and professional conferences, has regularly served as a moderator for CEO panels on strategy and talent, and is a contributing columnist to business and trade publications.

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