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Strategic planning support
Strategic Business Support


The latest research suggests that as many as 78% of businesses do not have a current, actionable strategic plan. Yet, we know that businesses with an active strategic plan out-perform their competitors. Moreover, there is increasing evidence suggesting that those organizations that have an active strategic planning process experience greater success in recruiting and retaining talented employees, have a more engaged workforce, and tend to develop employees at a faster rate. More importantly, these businesses are positioned to dictate their future as opposed to being in a reactive state. 


The strategic planning process does not have to be costly or a time-consuming process. Our approach guides the stakeholders in articulating the vision and key goals, aligning actions and resources to metrics, and executing through systematic deployment plans.

Executive coachng
Executive Coaching


We specialize in confidential, executive development and coaching. Our expertise draws upon experienced professionals who have learned effective methods of problem solving, conflict resolution, and process improvement methodologies, and just as important, understand how to transfer knowledge and techniques in a non-judgmental, non-threatening manner ensuring preservation of the relationship and a partnership value.


To ensure support in the "right" areas, we utilize a number of proprietary assessment tools including a Leadership Attribute Assessment, Leadership Style Inventory, and 360 degree feedback assessment. 


Contact us to schedule a no cost meeting with one of our executive coaches or complete on business inquiry form below and one of our executive coaches will contact you directly. Our goal is to ensure you feel good about the relationship and objectives before commitment.

Leadership image
Leadership Academy


Executive Leadership Academy is an exclusive, high-impact ten-session opportunity dedicated to supporting and transforming executive level leaders. The Executive Leadership Academy promises to provide principled guidance and thought-provoking applications for those who aspire to be great leaders.


The Academy ensures a personally enriching experience by customizing each session to enhance knowledge and broaden the perspective of each participant. It utilizes self-assessment and personalized reflection to raise awareness, and then blends relevant, fresh content, leadership modeling, case studies, peer networking, executive coaching, and leadership expertise to supportprofessional development.

Talent group
Talent Management


Talent Management should be a strategic endeavor focusing ultimately on the attraction and retention of the "right" employees who can support the work of your business and the culture of your organization. An organization's ability to impact its workforce challenge is best managed when viewed as an integrated system within the organization. 


Our approach to supporting businesses provides a comprehensive assessment of the talent management system, offering actions that will have immediate and long-term impact on your specific talent management challenges. Call for a free consultation.

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