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If you are responsible for the strategic deployment of a talent management plan that is focused on the identification, attraction, development, and retention of talent, ​then the tools available exclusively through the Strategic Talent Management Workshop are critical to your long-term success.

The Strategic Talent Management Workshop is a specialized, two-day interactive training for leaders seeking tools to help them assess their current talent management approach and define an actionable strategy that will have a lasting impact on the organization.


Participants will be guided through a strategic framework positioning “talent management as a key initiative,” conduct a talent management audit to assess the health of the organization’s approach to recruitment and retention, and define an improvement strategy with proven actionable initiatives that will have a lasting impact on the success of your organization.

 Outcomes by Design

  • Enhanced understanding of the complex
    and dynamic forces influencing talent
    management metrics.

  • Guidance in the use of a exclusive, comprehensive 
    Talent Management Audit©.

  • Identification of your organization's differentiators.

  • Coordinated "audit" of your organization's talent management using a system's approach.

  • Identification of 9 key opportunities to enhance your talent management approach.

  • Prioritized "action plan" for implementing change.

  • Strategy for deployment/execution of key actions.

Unique Features of the Workshop

  • Fresh, customized, and relevant content designed to be engaging and accelerate learning.

  • Selected topics are relevant in supporting an integrated talent management approach. 

  • Individual reflection supported by dynamic, group assessment and critique.

  • Networking and strategic conversations with other business leaders facing similar challenges.

  • Professionally designed materials to support ongoing use
    and application.

  • Continuous focus on actionable and measurable initiatives.

  • Informed by applied research and best practices.

To learn more about this program or to schedule a customized program for your organization, contact

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