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One of the best investments you can make is in the development of your leadership infrastructure.

  • If you seek enhanced focus…

  • If you long for something more…

  • If you are looking for enhanced connection…

  • If you have compliance, but don’t see initiative…

  • If you want to use your skills to a greater extent…

  • If you strive for greater job satisfaction…

  • Then, our Leadership Academy may be your solution. 

The Leadership Academy is an exclusive, high-impact opportunity dedicated to supporting and transforming those who seek greater outcome and satisfaction from their leadership role. The Leadership Academy promises to provide principled guidance and thought-provoking applications for those who aspire to be "great" leaders. The Academy ensures a personally enriching experience by limiting the number of participants each session and customizing training and delivery methodology to meet the needs of participants.

The Leadership Academy is designed to support leaders at all levels, utilizing the experiences and lessons of participants as valuable opportunities to share perspective.


The Leadership Academy will:

  • Guide you through self-discovery of your innate leadership strengths.

  • Provide relevant content and experiential learning to enhance knowledge, skills, and leadership strategy.

  • Facilitate conversations with other leaders, expanding perspective and validating practices.

  • Foster innovative thinking and creative problem solving leading to increased ability to positively impact your organization.

  • Stimulate strategic conversations that challenge status quo, leading to fresh insights, inspired direction, and increased leadership acumen.  

Unique Features of the Leadership Academy

  • Fresh, customized, and relevant content designed to be engaging and accelerate learning.

  • Selected topics are aligned to meet the needs of each participant.

  • Individual reflection supported by dynamic, group activities.

  • Executive coaching to support personal and professional growth and application.

  • Networking and strategic conversations with other business leaders.

  • Professionally designed materials to support ongoing development.

  • Continuous focus on skill acquisition and application.

To learn more about this program or to learn more about how to bring the Leadership Academy to your organization, contact

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