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Why Soulful Leadership?

Soulful leadership is characterized by one who acts in an authentic manner, seeking information that informs decisions and behaving in a manner that respects and honors the value of others. Soulful leadership is often informed by or tied to one's spiritual awareness, and a desire for impacting the greater good. It is a form of leadership that relies on thoughtful intellection, honest and trusted relationships, effective problem solving skills, a solid moral compass, and intuition with an eye on doing the right thing over that which is “just easier.” Ultimately, soulful leaders contribute to the ongoing prosperity and well-being of all involved – the leader, organization, people (employees, customers, communities), and environment (health and resources).


A soulful leader is more likely to inject leadership with greater purpose and passion, and move it away from its current storyline of crisis toward one of greater trust, higher employee engagement, and fewer incidents of scandalous behavior. Our mission is to foster the development of leaders with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to bring out the best in the leader, and promote an environment that supports informed choice in the selection of one's leadership style. 

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